Feb 15, 2012          Bus Number 11

Cantonese speakers have a special name for walking on your two legs: "Bus Number 11" (). Notice how this name is based on the English number 11 (the two strokes look like two legs). The name is not based on the Chinese for 11 ()

Smile: which bus can go up stairs? Obviously, bus Number 11!

Tourists in Hong Kong often complain about the way people in HK use bus number 11.
There's often no order. People walk on either side of the footpath - unlike in many countries
where people walk either on the left side (e.g. Australia) or right side (e.g. USA).

Maybe the HK government could try an experiment in a popular tourist area like TST.
Nathan Road between Middle Road and Jordan Road would be a good place.
Let there be a line down the middle of the footpath, to encourage people to stay on one side.
Let there be lots of  yellow painted feet, as in MTR stations, to show what direction
our feet should be going!
I'm sure this would make life easier for everyone, locals and tourists.
This would decrease the number of times people, literally, bump into each other

Smile - words attributed to a famous Australian Rugby player, as he went on bus number 11 along the footpath
Nathan Road many years ago: "Pedestrians in Hong Kong would make great Rugby players.
They come straight at you and don't give an inch"!