Rain and puddles

There's a saying in Chinese which says "Rain during the Winter Festival means a fine Lunar New Year. A fine Winter Festival means a rainy LNY". Well, we've just had a rainy Lunar New Year, and last year's Winter Festival was fine. So the saying proved to be true this time!

There are many jokes about rain:

In England they say it rains only twice a year: from July to March and from April to June.

If six children and two dogs were under an umbrella, how come none of them got wet? Because it wasn't raining.

"It's raining cats and dogs, said Fred looking out of the window.
I know, said his mother. I just stepped in a poodle! (puddle)

Speaking of puddles reminds me that when it rains in Hong Kong,
many footpaths, walkways and playgrounds have lots of puddles.

I wish all footpaths, walkways and playgrounds had just a little, tiny, gentle slope on them,
so that the water would run away by itself.

And there's one extra special place where I wish HK had a bit of sloping:
in the men's toilets!!!  They are often a puddle. But if their floors were sloping
just a tiny bit, what a difference that would make!

Which reminds of a final joke:
School principal: "I'm sorry to tell you, Mrs Jones, that your little boy ....how can I put it?....let's say
he 'whistles' in the swimming pool".
Mrs Jones: "All little boys 'whistle' in the swimming pool".
Principal: "But your little boy 'whistles' from the diving board!"