Thinking about English   02:   The Mass Transit Railway

Hong Kong has 84 MTR stations.   Number 84 is Austin Station near Jordan, which opened August 16. 

Q: What year did the MTR begin?  A:  1979   
The 30th Anniversary of the MTR is 2009-09-20

Q:  what  "MTRXJan Lamb" means?
A:  Jan Lam is a HK disc jockey. He and the MTR are having a joint-promotion

Q: Which  MTR line has the most stations? 
A:  The red line (16 stations)
In France, China and many other countries, 
the rail system of big cities is called
The Metro 
(from "metropolitan" 
= "a big city area"). 
Q: What can you see in "Metro"? 
A:  "Mtr"!  

Does anyone know of any other place in the world which uses the description "paid area"?  I think this is Hong Kong English, 
of which MTR English is a distinct sub-species.
And....what about the walk way at Kowloon Tong Station,
when you go from "MTR" to "KCR"'s a paid area where eating and drinking are ok.
Very few students, not all that many local adults, and almost no foreign tourists  know that  "MTR" stands for 
Mass Transit Railway. Maybe "MTR"  could be changed to "Metro" which is the most international name for rail systems in big cities.  What do you think?
Should be "Share your tasty tips along the MTR route" to be correct grammatically, but even with these corrections, the meaning of this sign is still unclear in English