01 "K.F.C."  = "Kentucky Fried Chicken"
02 Kentucky = State in USA
03 Fried =
04 How many KFC restaurants in Zhaoqing?   Where?
05 Is this your first time to eat at KFC? 
06 Have you been to both Zhaoqing KFC's?
06 Previous visits: When? Who with? Any special reason (e.g. birthday)? What did you eat? Who paid? Day/night?
07 Have you ever been to a KFC in some other place (Guangzhou/Hong Kong)?
08 Which is better: KFC or McDonald's?
09 Is KFC expensive?  How much money did you spend at KFC today?
10 What is your favourite KFC food?  Favourite drink? Favourite dessert/sweet?
11 Do you prefer KFC/McDonald's or Chinese food?
12 Is KFC/McDonald's food tasty? 
13 Is KFC/McDonald's food good for your health?
14 Would you recommend KFC to your friends?
15 Is this KFC restaurant clean?
16 Are the staff at this KFC friendly and helpful?
17 Does this KFC have toilets?  Are the toilets clean?
18 Would you like to have a birthday party at KFC?
19 What other types of parties (besides birthday parties) can be held at KFC?
20 What sort of people eat at KFC:  Children? Young people? Old people? Rich people? Poor people?
21 Are there any people from other places in KFC today  (from HK/overseas)?
22 Does Zhaoqing have any Chinese restaurants which sell similar food to KFC?
23 Would you like to work at KFC?
24 How many people work at this KFC restaurant?  What do they do?
25 What meals can you get at KFC:  Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Snack?
26 What time does this KFC restaurant open each day? What time does it close each day?
27 Students - ask your teacher: Do you like KFC? Do you often go to KFC?  At KFC what do you eat?