Hotel   English

A: Front Desk            B: Housekeeping            C: Restaurant

A: Front Desk

* Hello, can I help you?

+ Yes please, I'd like to change some money
* I'm sorry, we can't change money here. You need to go to a bank. The Bank of China is just out the door to the right, next to the Overseas Hotel, about 3 minutes walk.

+ What about travellers' cheques?
* You need to go to the bank. Make sure to take your passport.

+ Can I use my card to get some money?
* Yes, either here at the ATM machine or at a bank.

+ I'd like to make a phone call please.
* Sure, but first you need to pay a deposit please.

+ A deposit? Why do I need to pay a deposit?
* This is telephone company policy, not hotel policy. It's the same in most  hotels.

+ How much deposit? How much do I need to pay?
* 200 Yuan please.

+ Where do I pay?
* At the front desk

+ I'd like to check out please.
* Sure. Just a moment please......did you buy anything from the fridge?

+ Yes/No
* How would you like to pay?

+ By card/cash/put on my company account/ I will pay for the phone and drinks; my friend/company will pay for the room.
* Would you like separate accounts for the phone and drinks?
+ Yes/No...

B: Housekeeping

* Welcome. Please come this way. I hope you like your room. I'll get some hot water for you........If you need anything, please call me.

+ How much are the fridge drinks?
* The price list is on top of the fridge

+My TV doesn't work/I can't work the TV
* Just a minute please and someone will come to help you.

C: Restaurant

 Steaks: well-done, medium, rare

+ Can I put this on my account?
* Sure. Please let me see your hotel expense card.

+ I don't have one/I forgot it/I don't have it
* Then would you  pay cash please.