Sign  Language

2006-10-01station01.jpg (43735 bytes) "Dong" should be "East"
(only people who understand Chinese know that "Dong" means "East)
2006-10-01station02.jpg (59145 bytes) ok - good
2006-10-01station03.jpg (36545 bytes) "not fit for taking" should be "unable to take"
("not fit" has all sorts of other meanings...e.g. drunk!)
2006-10-01station04.jpg (83702 bytes) ok - good
2006-10-16station.jpg (69370 bytes) At Shenzhen Immigration.....maybe the idea is that people with disability or with heavy luggage should use lift rather than escalator?"Lift available if escalator not convenient"
2006-11-19station01.jpg (85120 bytes) "Huochezhan"  should be "Railway Station"
2006-11-19station02.jpg (118787 bytes) Yes...both signs so clear in perfect English!
2008-08-25sguan08.jpg (156932 bytes) "Indoors parks" maybe should be "courtyard garden"
2008-09-23xinghu01.jpg (117183 bytes) "yacht har bour"  should be "yatcht harbour"
2009-06-28mtr01.jpg (227319 bytes) "Share you tasty tips along MTR route"
should be
your tasty tips along MTR route"
(which still doesn't make much sense in English)
2009-07-23jor01.jpg (37782 bytes) Yes - "If" is correct (not "when", which implies that flooding
is quite frequent)
2009-07-26sun01.jpg (42917 bytes) English ok, but not very polite or friendly!
2009-07-26sun02.jpg (40213 bytes) Should be: "Only authorized visitors allowed to enter"
2009-07-26sun03.jpg (59325 bytes) "Remaining seat" should be "remaining seats"
2009-07-26sun04.jpg (73832 bytes) "Offence will be prosecute"
should be
"Offenders will be prosecute
(and "Please don't stay" should be "Please don't loiter here or obstruct exit")