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No. N O! Y E S!
1 "When there is a fire...."

(should be "if", not "when",
 just as in Chinese )
2004-08-21lift.JPG (12608 bytes)
2 2004-12-21goodworld.JPG (68794 bytes) Christmas
3 "Take care of the gap" (Guangzhou Metro, imitating HK MTR "mind the gap") Be careful of the gap
 4 2007-12-31hosp01.jpg (67111 bytes) No littering 
5  Fire prohibited
6 2006-09-25toilet.jpg (68977 bytes) Toilet
7 2008-05-18deq01.jpg (31620 bytes) 10 Yuan per ticket
8 2008-08-16yunfu01.jpg (43083 bytes) Nursing mothers' room